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YeastClear™: Restore balance to your body.

Yeast Infection Treatment

YeastClear™ is an innovative, dual action solution that works like no other. Most products either focus on a maximum of three strains of probiotics or contain only natural herbal ingredients lacking in probiotics completely. Only YeastClear combines four strains of probiotics with its proprietary blend of all natural and antifungal ingredients.

Each ingredient was carefully selected by a group of doctors to help restore balance to your body. YeastClear has been formulated with the most problematic yeast infection and candida in mind and is completely safe with no known side effects. It is safe for men and women.

GMP Certified

YeastClear™ is produced in the United States in a FDA registered laboratory that exceeds industry standards for quality control. Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified and abides by the highest FDA guidelines.

YeastClear is the Best Solution on the Market

  • Balance Body's Alkaline and pH Levels
    Which creates conditions in which candida yeast cannot cultivate.

  • Re-balances Intestinal Microflora
    Helps body cultivate the good bacteria to flush out the overgrowth of candida yeast and toxic bacteria.
  • Normalize and Maintain the Digestive System
    Restores and maintains the normal balance of gut microflora conditions.
  • FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility.
    YeastClear is manufactured in an FDA registered, GMP certified laboratory.

The Fastest Solution that Actually Works

Doctor Formulated

YeastClear™ stands above other products on the market, effectively balancing out the body's bacteria levels with its probiotic blend while helping to soothe the yeast infection with its all natural antifungal ingredients. Most products on the market act to alleviate the symptoms of yeast infections with a mild dose of probiotics. This sometimes helps with temporary relief but does not fully get rid of yeast infections. If their yeast infection doesn't go away, people will buy more of it. That may be good business, but its poor medicine. It can be even more problematic, as many products can be dangerous if taken often over time.

 If a Candida infection is not addressed properly, it will continue to return, and might be even worse the next time around. While some cases of Candida are found as vaginal yeast infection, others can occur on the face, groin, underarms and feet. Both men and women are affected.  Fungus can grow in many places on the body. All need special targeted treatment.  Furthermore, products that are not all-natural can contain strong chemicals that can actually damage the tissue if used incorrectly.

YeastClear offers a healthy alternative with an effective probiotic and natural ingredients. If you try just one thing for your Candida problem, this is it. And with a 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose except your yeast infection.

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