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Why is YeastClear™ the Most Effective Solution Available?

YeastClear™ is an intensive formulation of four different probiotic strains and a proprietary blend of highly effective natural & antifungal ingredients. It is designed to balance out the aggressive candida strains and prevent yeast and candida overgrowth in the future.

YeastClear's unique formulation helps the body better balance its alkaline and pH levels, creating a condition that candida yeast cannot cultivate in due to the fact that candida survive in an acidic environment. Symptoms will start to dissipate as the friendly probiotic bacteria inside YeastClear™ edge out the overgrowth of candida yeast and toxic bacteria in the intestines.

What Makes YeastClear™ the Number One Product:

  • Contains 4 probiotic strains & a proprietary blend of highly effective natural and antifungal ingredients.
  • Maintains healthy bacteria and pH level within the body.
  • Highest Quality Ingredients - FDA Registered Laboratory.
  • Fast shipping - Sent out the same day.
  • All Natural - No negative side effects.
  • Risk Free - 100% money back guarantee.

YeastClear™ Provides Safe and Fast Results:

Most products only work on the symptoms without getting to the cause of the problem, which is ineffective and costly in the long run. YeastClear works at the root of the problem making sure your body's bacteria and pH levels are in line so that even the most stubborn yeast infection doesn't stand a chance. What's more, YeastClear is produced in the United States in an FDA registered laboratory that is also GMP certified abiding by the strictest manufacturing standards.

YeastClear™ offers a unique blend of natural ingredients, including a probiotic base of four different strains that targets the root cause of the problem. In addition there's 100% money back guarantee because we are so sure it will work for you.

Testimonials: What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

Comment by: James.
YeastClear is the only product that actually cleared up my yeast infection. I tried everything and nothing else helped. I was diagnosed with Candida a number of years ago, and really needed help. Most products seem to be geared to women only, but this product helps men as well.  Thank you for making this great product!

Comment by: Jennifer R.
Ever since I was in college, I suffered from Yeast infections. I hated the itching, the odor and the embarrassment. I tried everything, but although the stuff I got in the store would help for a couple days, the infections always came back quickly. Not until YeastClear did I get real relief, long lasting.

Comment by: Mia M.
It is embarrassing, but I get yeast infections all the time. I don't know why, but I still get them. They itch and burn. But a friend told me about YeastClear. I liked that it was natural and good for me anyway. And it really made me feel better in a very short time. Now I take it to make sure I stay infection free.

Comment by: Tonya R.
I had a very bad case of bronchitis and my doctor gave me antibiotics. The bronchitis cleared up, but I was left with a terrible vaginal yeast infection. I thought antibiotics were supposed to help, not cause more problems! Well, I was searching on line and found YeastClear, with a satisfaction guaranteed. So, I tried it and it worked so well, in less than a week, I was infection free. Thank you so much and I won't be needing that refund.

Comment by: Maria
As an athlete, I sweat all the time, and I can't always change clothes after I work out. I get vaginal infections all the time, and they are miserable and smelly. I tried everything, but nothing worked for more than a couple days. But YeastClear is different. It cleared up the infection and it did not come back. Thanks for your help.

Comment by: Marcia S.
I used all those messy creams you can get in the drug store. They help for a few days, but then the infection comes right back. But when I used YeastClear, it cleared it up so well that I was able to stop using it.

Comment by: Sophia J.
I get vaginal infections all the time. Maybe it is the way I eat or lifestyle, but it is really annoying. A friend of mine tried YeastClear and she said it was great, so I tried it too. And it really works great. I am still taking it in hopes that I will never get it again. And the nice side effect was that I now go the bathroom more regularly as well!

Comment by: Patricia E.
A friend of mine told me to use yogurt to clear my infection, but I really could not see putting a food product in that place. So, when I read that YeastClear had probiotics in it, I thought this would be a better idea. And, thank you, it really did the trick.

Comment by: Erin J.
When I started college, I guess something just went wrong with me. I had to go to the clinic all the time, and it was very embarrassing. The itching, burning and (excuse me) odor were unbearable. The doctor said I had a chronic Candida condition and that there were some prescriptions he could offer, but that there were side effects. I decided to look it up on the internet and see if I could find something safer. YeastClear sounded great, and when I tried it, it solved the problem. I know I will have to take it for a while, but that's a whole lot better than the suffering from before.

Comment by: Heidi R.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally something that really works!!! I don't have the horrible effects of the yeast infection any more, and I am so grateful.

Comment by: Brandon G
I am very grateful that you created a something that finally works. It is so simple, just a couple of pills, and the solution is right there.  With YeastClear, I felt relief in a few days, and all the discomfort was gone in a week. The best part is that it has ingredients that are good for me. I have never had such success before, and nothing I found before was something I, as a man, could try.

Comment by: Josie H.
As I get older, my yeast infections get more frequent and the problems I have with it get worse. The itching leads to pain, and the discharge is so bad I had to wear a pad. I tried all those over the counter things, but they are uncomfortable and messy. And then my doctor tried a prescription which made me nauseous. I was at my wits end until I found YeastClear while searching on the computer. And I was so surprised that it actually works. Thank you YeastClear for helping me out!

Comment by: Yvonne K.
After my children were born, I started to get frequent infections. The fungus was unbearable. The vaginal itching was so uncomfortable; I did not want to leave the house. I confided in a close friend who told me that she had the same problem, and that she tried YeastClear. I read the ingredients, and saw that it was all things that are good for you, like probiotics. So, I tried it and yes, it was as good as my friend said. Thank you for your help in clearing up this awful condition.